About Naga Dosha Pariharam and Naga Prathiksta Procedures and Pooja in Different Temples - Part 3

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This post is the continuation of my previous post with more temples and Procedure for Naga Dosha Pariharam.


Pedakakani temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. It is 7kms from Guntur. It is Sri Ganga Bhramarambha Sametha Sri Malleswara Swamy. Pedakakani temple is very famous for Rahu – Ketu pooja. Timings of Rahu - Ketu pooja are 7AM TO 5 pm. Cost of this pooja is Rs 250/-.

For more details contact ph no:0863-2556184.
Temple web site is :


Bhairava kona is located in Ambavaram Kothapalli village, Cs Puram madal of Prakasam district. It is 120kms from Ongole. Reaching Bhairava Kona is not so difficult. Reach Ambavaram Kothapalli. Buses are available from 5:30 AM till 10 PM. Bhairavakona is a forest area between 3 hills.

Bala Bhairava is the Kshetra Palaka. As Bhairava is a small child Durg Devi came here as Swayambu. Bhargava muni did tapasya here so Lord Siva came here as Swayambu. Lord Siva is called as “Bhargaswarudu”. It is believed that by visiting the Sasi Naga Lingam present here, our Naga Dosham will be removed. Devotees do 16-128 rounds (Pradakshinas) around the temple. Due to the order of Balabhairava, snakes and animals in this place do not harm devotees.

Another intresting feature that attracts devotees to Bhairava Kona is that moonlight falls on the idol of Durga Devi on the day of Karthika Pournami (full moon day).

8 temples are carved out of one rock and Lord Siva appears in 8 different forms.

1. Sasi Nagalingam
2. Rudra
3. Visveswara
4. Nagarikeswara
5. Bhargeswara
6. Rameswara
7. Mallikarjuna
8. Pakshamalika Linga

There is a beautiful water fall located at Bhairava Kona. Many devotees visit this temple on Kartika full moon day & on wenesday.


Sarpavaram is 6kms from Kakinanda. Sarpavaram temple is dedicated to Bhava Narayana Swamy. The story of this temple is narrated in Brahma Vyvarta Puranam. The great saint Agstya narrated this story to Saunaka and other saints in the Nymisharanyam (forest).

Kasyapa Maharishi married Kadru, to whom thousand serpents were born. Kadru asked her sons to go and embrace the tail of white horse of Lord Indra, so that she would make Vinata, the second wife of her husband as her slave. But they disobeyed to do so & were cursed by Kadru.

Ananta is one of the sons of Kadru, went around in search of a suitable place to do penance for Lord Vishnu by whose mercy he wanted to save his life. Lord Vishnu was pleased & appeared before him as Bhava Narayan Swamy and let Ananta to serve him as a comfortable bed for him.

This is said to be the place where Takshaka (snake) killed Parikshith. Visiting Bhava Narayan Swamy having LakshmiDevi in his heart increases the compatability between the couple. Earlier when Buddha came here   snake named Muchalinda gave shade under its hoods (padaga).


This temple is in Singarayapalem, Mudinapalli Mandalam, Krishna district, Andhrapradesh.The main deity is a five .headed snake . In 1954 one Devine snake came to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Lake from Babaji Mattam and took its bath and was going back, and then it was seen by the two farmers. They threw stones at it. 

Devine snake killed itself by hitting its head (to the ground). Villagers buried the body of the snake on the bank of a Chavurupalem lake.  The two farmers who threw stones lost their eyes. Farmers relaised their mistake and asked the snake to forgive them and they got their eyes back. On the same day night snake came into dream of the villagers and ordered to build a temple.

Next day morning villagers took out the body of the snake and were going as procession in the surrounding four villages. At one place they saw one black (kapila) cow coming out separately from the crowd and went to the lake near Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and took bath in it and it did pradakshinas and started to dig the land there.

Villagers were surprised to see this and thought that place to be apt to construct a temple and brought the body of the snake and they performed the remaining customs. They built a temple there. Earlier it is called as Nageswara Swamy temple. Now temple was under taken by the endowment department of Andhra Pradesh. Temple was renovated and they changed the name as Valli Devasana Sametha Subramanya Swamy.

Devotees suffering from Naga Dosham for marriage do Pradakshinas and perform Abishekam for 5 Tuesdays. It is proved that they get married before the 5 th Tuesday. Childless couples are also blessed with children they come to the temple after the birth of the child. Abishekam ticket is Rs 50/-.

Recently also a snake came near the temple lake. People offen see a snake there. Offerring pongal to the god is found in this temple. Devotees give their hair to the god.

KALYANAM IS DONE ON SUDDHA SASHTI on the third day Radosthavam, THAPPOSTAVAM are done. Next Sahasra Deepaalankarana Seva is done. One lakh Bilvarchan is also done .
1. Abishekam.
2. Archana.
3. Astotharam

Go through the video.



Nagulamadaka is one of the temples dedicated to Nagadevatha.  It is in the borders of Andrapradesh and Karnataka.

Sri Kukke Subramanya is called as "Adhi Subramanyam".Sri Ghati subramanya is called as "Madhya Subramanyam"  and Sri Nagulamadaka Subramanya Swamy is called as "Antya Subramanyam".

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