Punarpoosam - புனர்பூசம் Natchatra Palan for 2012 in Tamil Predictions - Sani Peyarchi Palangal 2011 November

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அதிஷ்டம் தரும் தெய்வங்கள்
ஸ்ரீ ராமர் (விஸ்ணு பெருமான்)  

This is the right time for buying a house, vehicle and jewelry.  All these two and half years of Sani Bagavan’s placement in the Thula rasi will be happy and prosperous. You may win court cases if you had been battling for long time in this period. Over and above if had been planning to get new ventures or foreign jobs the time ripe for you and success is guaranteed. You just have take efforts and win. You may get good introductions with V.I.Ps and may gain from their friendship. Only two things you have to remember; unnecessarily intruding in other’s work and problems and avoiding any sort of investments in steel and iron.

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