Astrology Predictions - Poorattathy (பூரட்டாதி) Natchatra Palan for 2012 in Tamil - Sani Peyarchi Palangal 2012 in Tamil

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You had been suffering due to ups and downs and this is going to change dramatically. You can sure expect decent hike in financial flow and earn good profits during this period. Share market and investments can prove success and bring self confidence and prosperity. People in service can expect elevation and transfer to their expectation. Competitive exams may bring luck and job opportunities. For some who have lands may develop them and earn good revenues. Entrepreneurs may become happy seeing the flow of cash resources and growth in turn over. Court cases and legal issues can be of success in your favour. Politicians must learn to be patience and keep on taking good efforts. Try good opportunities abroad and foreign trips may be fruitful.

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