Dhanus Rasi Astrology Predictions - Moolam (மூலம்) Natchatra Palan for 2012 in Tamil - Sani Peyarchi Palangal 2011 November

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Financial assistance from parents and elders are expected. Good time to get rid of old loans and reduce interests you have been paying out of your income. You may start winning again as before as the time is changing. Enemies and competitors may surrender and you can expect good business ahead. Legal matters and cases in courts may happen to be in your favor. People who have invested in real estate can expect great profits and accumulate huge wealth in this period. Try to reinvest in land, house and buildings especially in agricultural lands to make mo0re profits. Marriage proposals and foreign trips may succeed. Good elevation and promotion is expected for people in service. If there are any issues in the work place regarding increments or promotions may turn to be in your favor.

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