Kumbham Rasi Aquarius February 2013 Monthly Astrology Predictions

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அவிட்டம் 3-ஆம் பாதம் முதல், சதயம், பூரட்டாதி 3-ஆம் பாதம் முடிய

Last 30 days, on the twentieth, you joined an annually individual pleasure optimum. This is where we are at discovering the treats of the system – for the great lifestyle – for individual indulging. It is also excellent for getting the system and picture – the individual appearance – in shape. Thus it is excellent to buy those new outfits or accessories that you want (and these kinds of factors will probably come to you anyway).

Like last 30 days, it's a chance to have factors your way – and most likely you are. The world is contouring to you, rather than receivers. This appears to be amazing, but is a double-edged blade. If you are balanced and calculated, it is amazing to have factors your way – but if the wishes are dangerous, it can be a dreadful problem.

Health is excellent these days. You are in one of your most powerful wellness times – power and energy are at an annually great. You succeed in sport or exercise (able to do to achieve your individual test), you get factors done in a portion of the normal time. You look excellent very naturally, no need to spend too plenty of your power and power and effort dolling yourself up. Really like goes after you. Whatever your age or stage in lifestyle, others are arriving to you. Your associate, association or present love is very dedicated -on your side – putting your passions before his or her own.

The only issue from a wellness viewpoint is perhaps too much of a great thing. You have so much power, so much drive, that you could force the system beyond its boundaries. You flit from action to action with nary a rest. Burnout is the risk. Don't ignore to schedule some peace and silent for relaxation and religious connection. The propensity to hurry, to

Want factors to happen very fast, needs to be viewed. Be more careful generating. Mind your style with other individuals – you may not realize the power behind what you say.

Finances have been excellent all year so far, and get better in the 30 days forward. A flourishing 30 days. Associates, friends, your associate and friends seem very helpful. They have excellent economic ideas as well. A business collaboration or collaboration is arriving from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth – this is an opportunity. You always have free will to take or decrease.

On the nineteenth, you enter an annually economical optimum – an interval of optimum income.

The Sun and Mars are traveling together from the 1st to the fifteenth. This shows an active romantic lifestyle. Enthusiastic. You are more competitive for each other as well. You entice individuals who are competitive as well. For the separate, this is a 'love at first sight' type of interval. The propensity is to leap into connections very quickly. The issue is that this type of strength is difficult to maintain eventually.

Your associate, association or present love should be more careful while generating and avoid disputes or encounters from the 1st to the fifteenth. The propensity is to over-react to factors under this aspect.

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