March : Aquarius (கும்பம்) Astrology Predictions ராசிபலன் | Avittam, Sadhayam, Pooratathi March 2013 Month

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அவிட்டம் 3-ஆம் பாதம் முதல், சதயம், பூரட்டாதி 3-ஆம் பாதம் முடிய

Planetary strength has been absolutely ahead for the few last several weeks. Your 1st home was powerful and Mars was there until Feb 23. This reveals that you have been creating fast achievements towards your objectives. You think of something and it happens quickly and quickly.

This ahead strength is still in impact this 30 days. Activities in the world move at a fast speed and so does your lifestyle.

This is a very powerful economic 30 days as well. You are still in an annually economic optimum. Some 50 to 60% of the planet's are either in your cash home or going through there this 30 days. Money and economic chance come from all over, from many resources and often. The 26th and the 27th carry a satisfactory economic windfall or chance. This could be a pay increase or the largesse of a mother or father or mother or father determines. For you, really like the world in the cash home until the twentieth, it is still an interval where connections or combined projects can occur. Your economical instinct is particularly excellent this 30 days.

Uranus, your judgment would, creates a significant, significant move from your cash home into your 3rd home of interaction. He connects Jupiter, which shifted in on Jan 22. This reveals a mode of attention. You are in a long-term interval where you want to flourish your thoughts, to encounter the pleasures of studying and psychological growth. It is a type of Aquarius paradise. These are factors that you really like to do anyway, and now the universe is actually forcing you on that route. A great element for those of you who are engaged in composing, training, literature, revenue or marketing. You always have a distinct concept, but now it is even more so. You breathe in information. Learners have achievements in their research.

Uranus' move into your 3rd home begins to analyze the wedding of friends (or those who perform that part in your life). They seem edgy these days and need a lot of area. They are in an interval where they want to discover personal independence – and this is usually not excellent for dedicated types of connections.

On the twentieth of the Sun also goes into your 3rd home -making this area even more of a concentration. The only issue here is that you need to be cautious not to misuse or neglect your psychological and interactive ability. You are a speaker of characteristics, and now it is as if you have taken 'communication pills' – so you might discover yourself discussing too much, speaking with no objective, discussing for the benefit of discussing – and this can wipe out power. Also your thoughts will be usually quickly over-stimulated (you have this issue in common, but now even more so) – thus it can whirl, and whirl, and whirl – switching the same concepts over and over again. This also reduces power and often causes sleeplessness. So, your task now is to use these abilities, but under management – do not let them use you.

Still, this is an interesting time. You are loaded with suggestions.

Singles discover really like the possibilities as they engage in their economic targets, or with people engaged in their financial situation until the twentieth. Afterwards loving possibilities are at university or university features – as you engage in your perceptive passions. If you experience enthusiastic about a topic, take a course and the possibilities are that you will discover other factors to be enthusiastic about as well.

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