March : Dhanur - Sagittarius (தனுசு) ராசி 2013 March ராசிபலன் | Dhanusu Rasi Palan Moolam Pooradam Uthiram Natchatra Palangal March 2013

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மூலம், பூராடம், உத்திரம் 1-ஆம் பாதம் முடிய

This 30 days, as described, planetary power is now strongly in the Western. This is enough time you get to 'road test' what you have designed in past months, when you were separate. This is known as 'paying karma' – you get to experience the repercussions of your designs. If the designs were excellent, factors will be enjoyable for you.

Uranus makes a significant move from your 4th to your 5th house. Things should be more resolved now in close relatives members scenario. No need now to update the property regularly (although this 30 days is still excellent for remodeling if you need them). Kids are apt to be more edgy these days; you need to deal with them with knowledge. The authoritarian strategy probably will not perform right now. They need to understand 'why' the guidelines are available – the reasoning behind them. Give their highest possible independence so long as it is not dangerous. Kids need to route their edgy yearnings in beneficial methods. Let them have a house clinical where they can research to their hearts' content. Get them engaged in yoga exercises or ai Chi, where they can test their actual boundaries in safe methods. Zodiac and astronomy would be very exciting for them.

Your 4th house is still highly effective this 30 days — until the twentieth. This is some time where the concentration is on close relatives members. There are always methods that close relatives members scenario can be enhanced, and it's a chance to apply these factors. A healthy close relatives lifestyle is the base for external success, so the performance you are doing now will not damage your profession, but actually enhance it in simple types of methods.

On a further level, these are the times when we get to evaluation our past – our own youth, past connections and factors of that characteristic. Looking at them from an awareness viewpoint – in the now – helps to process these encounters and put them into viewpoint. A 'different spin' gets put on them when we look at them in hindsight. What we thought were disasters and agonizing injury are now seen as useful training. A sage once said that partly digested encounters later become medical conditions. So this is a chance to process your post.

When we come to better conditions in our past (and this is a continuous process), new energy comes into us. We are more innovative, more satisfied. Then we become ready – the level is set – for the annually individual satisfaction optimum which begins on the twentieth. This individual satisfaction optimum is really just the 'natural consequence' of psychological balance and the quality of old psychological problems. Life begins to be fun.

Love seems very satisfied this 30 days. For the connected it is more 'honeymooning' – and if there are problems in a given connection, a second honeymoon vacation might take care of factors. Really like is fun. Marrieds should provide more fun into your connection – more going out, more enjoyment. The separation will fulfill an important loving chance from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth. But tolerance will be needed. Your ex world goes retrograde on the 30. If this connection can weather the retrograde period (until Apr 23), it has excellent leads for going further.

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