Panguni Uthiram Date in 2013 March 26 or 27 | Lord Shiva Festivals Pankuni Uthiram Celebrations | Why we celebrating Panguni Uthiram Thiruvizha Meaning |

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Panguni Uthiram is celebrated on March 26, 2013 (Tuesday). Normally Uthiram Nakhsatram and Pournami coincide in the month of Panguni

The Uthiram Natchathiram begins at 10.32 am (Mar 26th) and ends at 10.30 am next day (Mar 27th)

- On Panguni Uthiram, Lord Shiva - Goddess Parvathi Thirukalyanam (Celestial Wedding) will be held in Lord Shiva Temples.
- It is also the day when celestial wedding of Sri Aandaal (Kothai) and Sri Rangamannar took place
- In Tiruchendur - Sri Murugan Valli Thirukalyanam will be held during Panguni Uthiram
- In Palani, Thiruparangundram - 10 day festival will be held during Panguni Uthiram. Therottam will be held in Palani on Panguni Uthiram
- In Mylapore the 10 day Panguni Festival will end on this day with the Thirukalyanam.
- In Vadapalani three day float festival will take place from Panguni Uthiram
- Many devotees fast on this day and take Kavadi, Pal Kuddam and do padayatra (walk) to Lord Muruga Temples.
- Chanting of devotional hymns and playing of percussion instruments by devotees can be seen in Temples. Special Homam will take place in temples

Palani Temple Festival Schedule:

20 March 2013- Wednesday - Kodiyetram
21 March 2013 - Thursday - Velli Kamadhenu Vahanam
22 March 2013 - Friday - Velli Aatu Kida Vahanam
23 March 2013 - Saturday - Thanga Mayil Vahanam
24 March 2013 - Sunday - Yaanai Vahanam
25 March 2013 - Monday - Thirukalyanam - Velli Ratham
26 March 2013 - Tuesday - Therottam
27 March 2013 - Wednesday - Thanga Guthirai Vahanam
28 March 2013 - Thursday - VelliPidari Mayil Vahanam
29 March 2013 - Friday - Kodi Irakkuthal

About Panguni Uthiram - A little detail

Panguni Uthiram, falls in the month Panguni (March-April). This month is special because of the star Uthiram and pournami occurring together. Besides, it is on Panguni pournami Uthiram that the marriage of Parvati and Parameswara, Muruga and Devasena, and Andal (also known as Kothai) and Rangamannar took place. Again, Valmiki’s Ramayan says it is on this day and star that Sita’s marriage with Rama was celebrated. From Brahmanda Puranam we learn that on Panguni Uthiram every holy water joins Thumburu teertha, one of seven sacred tanks in Tirupati Tirumala. The ancients chose Uthiram to convey to humans that it is for underlining the glory of grahasta dharma (married life) that the Almighty manifests in the marital state as Uma Maheswara, Sita Rama, and Radha Krishna – despite his changelessness, sans childhood or youth or old age. The Lord is indeed a Nitya Kalyana Murthi. It is our duty to celebrate this day when the Lord, in both Shiva and Vishnu temples, appears to devotees in his married state.
Palani's most important festival is Pankuni Uttiram. This ten-day event at the Tiru Avinankudi temple, at the foot of the hill occurs in the off-season and so agriculturists and other rural folk participate in it and give offerings of paddy to the temple. On Panguni Uthiram, in all places where Lord Subrahmanya has a temple, his devotees carry in a kavadi the requisites for puja for him, in fulfilment of vows. Such vow fulfilment by devotees carrying kavadis is a special feature of Subrahmanya temples wherever they happen to be.

On each day, the utsava deity of Muttukumaara Swami along with His consorts Valli and Teyvanai is taken in procession in the forenoon and again at night. On some days, the procession covers the Giri Veedi around the hill of the temple of Lord Dandâyudhapaani. Groups of trained Tevaram musicians sing Tiruppugazh and other hymns in chorus at these processions. The deity is mounted in chapparam, ivory palanquin, Kamadhenu, golden peacock, goat, silver elephant, silver chariot, golden horse and other vahanas (carriers) at street level and on the fifth day in the golden chariot atop the hill.

In short, Pankuni Uttiram is a festival that has to be seen to be believed.

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