Chandra Grahan - 25 April 2013 | Rasi Palan and Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Rashi's 2013 in Tamil India

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The first lunar eclipse of the year 2013 will take place on 25th April 2013. It will be the first of three lunar eclipses in 2013. It will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in which only a tiny sliver of the Moon will be covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow at maximum eclipse, but the entire northern half of the moon will be darkened from being inside the penumbral shadow.

This is the second shortest partial eclipse of the moon for the 21st century, which would be lasting for just 27 minutes.

Effect of ChandraGrahan/Lunar Eclipse on various rashi’s

1.      Simha, Vrishabha, Makara, Dhanur Rashi will have good results like Gain of Money, Comfort, Position, Career Advancement etc.
2.      Mesha, Mithuna, Karka, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Kumbha, Meena will have bad results.

Mesha- Marital problems
Mithuna – Unhappy regarding children related issue
Karka- Loss of Comfort, Health problems to Mother.
Kanya-  Wealth/Money Loss.
Tula- Health Problems.
Vrischika- Loss of Money, Expenditure will be more.
Kumbha – Loss of Reputation.
Meena- Health Problems.

People born in Swathi Nakshatra will Suffer from Health Problems, hence it is advise that people born in Swathi  Nakshatra  need to worship Chandra & Rahu Idols & after Pooja, Idols has to be donated to a Brahmin or Temple Priest.

25th April 2013 Lunar Eclipse Timing in India :

Find below the Lunar Eclipse  timing as per Indian Standard Time (IST)

First Contact with the Penumbra – 23:33:37 – on 25th April 2013
First Contact with the Umbra – 01:24:08 – on 26th April 2013
Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 01:37:29
Last Contact with the Umbra – 01:51:01
Last Contact with the Penumbra – 03:41:25

Duration of Partial Phase – 00 Hours 26 Mins 54 Secs
Duration of Penumbral Phase – 04 Hours 07 Mins 47 Secs

This eclipse will be visible in all parts of India and it will take place in Swati Nakshatra / Tula Rashi.

According to Hindu Religion, Chandra Grahan is not considered auspicious. Hindus take all necessary safe measures during the time of Chandra Grahan and avoid looking at sky or moon during Chandra Grahan.

25 April 2013 Lunar Eclipse UTC Timing :

Penumbral Eclipse Begins : 18:03:38
Partial Eclipse Begins : 19:54:08
Greatest Eclipse : 20:07:30
Partial Eclipse Ends : 20:21:02
Penumbral Eclipse Ends : 22:11:26
Duration of Partial Phase – 00 Hours 26 Mins 54 Secs
Duration of Penumbral Phase – 04 Hours 07 Mins 47 Secs
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